One DAY is not enough!

JUNE IS    “Father’s Awareness Month”
aka  Fathers Month  aka Daddys Month aka Fatherhood Month


“Health, Fitness and Family”

MISSION:  To Raise Awareness & Motivate “Dads in taking care of their own Health & Fitness” while being an active FATHER in the lives of their child(ren). FATHERHOOD

Fathers Awareness Month was created to raise awareness about the difficulties fathers face daily ex. Child Support, Unemployment, Underemployment, Visitation and Communication issues THAT PREVENT them from raising their biological children with their biological mother.  Also the importance of taking better care of their Health, Fitness and Fathering of their own biological children

This initiative benefits ALL Fathers, including;

  • Single Dads trying to make ends meet. Many are running single parent households and haven’t been to see a medical doctor in years, or have enough knowledge about how to eat healthy and stay fit.
  • Dad’s that run full family households. Helping Mom and children get through their days. car pool – their children and friends, cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, laundry, clean home, and spend quality time with them, etc.

National Fathers Awareness Month aka Fatherhood Month

  • Celebrates GOOD Fathers, Fatherhood and Male Parenting.
  • Is a chance for active and non-active fathers to reconnect or bond with their child(ren) through Fathers Month Community Activities.
  • Recognizes the contributions of fathers and/or fathers figures make to the lives of their children.
  • Increase Awareness about 84% of households with children are being reared without their biological father.
  • Educates heterosexual men more about contraception and the consequences of unprotected sex that can lead to the spread of STD’s, abortions, unwanted pregnancies, committing their unwanted child into the foster care system.
  • Raises awareness about the importance of Fathers who maintain a healthy lifestyle are role models for their children and have happier, healthier families.
  • Focuses on a broad range of Fathers Issues including lack of community support, lack of paid leave and flextime, also legal, financial and economic difficulties.
  • Raises awareness, visibility and support to help keep Good Fathers involved in the rearing of their own biological children.
  • Helps to reduce the rate of unwanted children in the foster care system, aborted or abandoned on the street and the number of single parent households.

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