Day 40 3K Walk for Fathers

Total 99 Days – Day 40 3K Walks In Support Of The Whole Month Of JUNE – Fathers Awareness Month, Walked at Mitchell Field, Uniondale, New York šŸ™‚
It’s funny when Father’s with no issues say I don’t need anyone to walk for ME! Obviously it is not for you, it is for the other Good Fathers, the voiceless, the helpless, those abused, ignored and jailed for speaking out. For those that fight to be a father, for those that fight for a chance to help raise their own biological children! I walk for you!

Heterosexual Fathers and Husbands are quickly becoming an ENDANGERED SPECIES

Heterosexual Fathers and Husbands are quickly becoming an ENDANGERED SPECIES that I may not have had consistently in my own home, but was raised in the company of and with examples of the best of them through my extended family and friends to them Iā€™m thankful.
That is one of the many reasons I Mechaele Wright-Hodges –, yes a woman, among KINGS / Fathers of all Races and I will continue to advocate for you the Good Fathers that struggle to remain part of the lives of your child(ren) and/or wives, for as long as I am allowed to.